Blam - a simplistic feed reader

Download stable (1.8.11):

Bugs and patches:

Bugs should be reported at GNOME's bugzilla (, product "blam"). Patches should be added to the relevant bug. If there is no bug that applies you should open a new one. If you do attach a patch, please use the output of git format-patch. That way I can import the patch and give attribution much more easily. A pointer to a public git repository with a topic branch gets you brownie points.

Here is the compulsory screenshot:
Blam screenshot

New in Blam 1.8.11

New in Blam 1.8.9

This release is very minor and has problems with actually selecting the right dbus variant, so an update isn't much to anybody.

New in Blam 1.8.8

New in Blam 1.8.7

New in Blam 1.8.6

New in Blam 1.8.5

New in Blam 1.8.4

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